Testimony is no longer being developed. The latest release is several years old and it is unlikely that the client will work with the current version of GCD.

This is the home page of Testimony - an offline indexing tool for the GCD. Testimony is currently being written by Carlos Tasada, Petter W, and Mark Billian. If you want to, you are welcome to join.

The GCD (Grand Comic Book Database project)

The GCD is a project to build a database about comic books, with useful information about all comics ever published, anywhere. It is a non-profit project ran by volunteers. Read more on the GCD home page.

Why this tool?

Submitting data to the GCD database can be done in one of two ways; either by using an online tool or sending data files to the coordinators. The online indexing tool (OI tool) is found on the GCD home page and is often the most convenient way of indexing comics since it lets the indexer enter the data into the database directly. Testimony is intended to make the other way of indexing easier, where the indexer creates a data file offline.

The data file can be either a text file or an Excel file. Text files uses a format where different database fields are grouped together on lines and separated by tabs. This format can be intimidating to new users and cumbersome to use even for seasoned indexers, so the Testimony offline indexing tool is created to ease editing of such files.

Interested in helping out?

Interested in helping out? There are lots of things that need to be done, most of them related to Java programming, but also graphics, web design, documentation, etc. We also appreciate if you report bugs you find or put in feature requests for things you would like to see.

If you think you can contribute, send a mail to the project Administrator.