Java Web Start

Java Web Start is a technique for running Java applications in a simple way by clicking a link in your browser. To start the application using Web Start you need to have Web Start installed (which is part of Sun's Java Runtime Environment). Chances are you already have it, try clicking the link below. If it does not work, follow this link for instructions on how to download.

The first time you run Testimony this way it will be downloaded to your computer. Later you can run it without being connected to the Internet, on Windows machines this is done by finding the Java Web Start application in your Start menu. From the Web Start application you can also create shortcuts to Testimony on your desktop or in your Start menu.

If you run Testimony while you are connected to the Internet, it will automatically check for newer versions of the program and if there are any they will be downloaded. That way you can always be sure that you are running the latest version.

To run Testimony using Java Web Start, follow this link.

Without Web Start

If you can't get Web Start to work or don't like it, you can still run Testimony. Go to the project download page and get the latest stable version of software (should be named something like Unpack into a directory of your choice. Try double clicking on the testimony.jar file, hopefully this starts the application (it depends on your system). If it does not work, read the install.txt file for instructions of how to run the application form a shell/command prompt. If that does not work either, visit Sun's Java site for instructions on how to run Java applications on your system.

Compiling the sources

On the download page you can also find the complete sources of the application if you want to compile it yourself. Nothing special is needed, unpacking the sources and writing something like

javac -source 1.4 org\comics\testimony\*.java

should do.

The bleeding edge

Between regular releases, beta releases are sometimes made. These often contain features planned for the next release but are also in general less stable. On the download page, beta releases are named

You can try out the latest beta release using Java Web Start by following this link. This will register a different Web Start application from ordinary Testimony, so it is possible to have both the latest stable release and the latest beta release running on your computer.